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Delivering an off-roading look along with better protection, rivet fender flares give the exterior of your vehicle some added punch. Multiple vehicles are eligible for this customization. Light pickups, full-size haulers, and even SUVs can be outfitted with a set of rivet fender flares. Depending on what type of driver you are, the benefits may vary. Some truck owners install rivet fender flares simply to promote a more aggressive visual. Others may use them because they want a higher grade of defense over the wheel wells when going mudding. Whichever improvement you are going for, the quality stays the same.

Lund rivet style fender flares are comprised of ABS plastic. What makes this material notable is its versatility. One trait of Lund rivet style fender flares is that they are durable. They have to be. Any kind of exterior truck accessory located near the wheel is exposed to constant danger. That is where the ABS plastic comes in. The Lund rivet style fender flares will not crack or fracture when faced with incidental contact with (most) debris. Plus, there is a certain amount of pliability involved. ABS is flexible and contours over your truck’s body easily. This helps make installing the Lund rivet style fender flares a quick, no-nonsense procedure.

Style is of course, also a major priority. The overall design of Lund elite fender flares is what separates them from the others. Strewn around the inside of each flare are holes that give the impression of rivets. It is the classic look of the part being “riveted in.” It is an attribute many truckers love. But the shape of Lund elite fender flares also plays a role. They elicit a sweeping curve in a semi-circle over the wheel-wells and have indented edges. Even on smaller trucks with standard wheels Lund elite fender flares make the tires look hulking and over-sized.

Another factor is the finish. Here you have two options. Prestige rivet fender trim is available in a standard matte black or textured finish. Both are UV resistant. The standard finish offers a smooth, compatible look. It can also be painted to match your exterior’s color. Textured aftermarket fender flares deliver a bit more protection against scratches and scuffs and come in black, as well. All installation hardware along with rubber weather gaskets is included.

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