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Having more control over what you are transporting makes rooftop cargo carriers a good idea for any SUV owner. You can tell just by the shape. Lund designed the rooftop cargo carrier to be rectangular but not cumbersome. While it can still house a substantial amount of items, it does not showcase bulky rails or an extra wide base. You will be able to get wherever you are going without the concern of overhang. That is because it functions more like a basket than it does a rack. Despite its low-profile configuration, the rooftop cargo carrier has no problem keeping your storage safe and sound on every trip.

This is an add-on, not a complete modification. Simply purchasing the Lund cargo roof rack is not enough. The unit is intended to be used in conjunction with your existing rack. Many SUVs and minivans come with a rack system from the factory. If your vehicle already is already equipped (or you have purchased one aftermarket), this locks right into it for extra storage capability. The Lund cargo roof rack is also a universal upgrade. It is made to fit most vehicles in the segment including the Tahoe, Explorer, Blazer, and Suburban.

Another feature Lund cargo roof racks boast is customization. If you are trying to fit large objects you can use straps. Just tie them around your item(s) and then loop the straps through the Lund cargo roof rack. Secure it in place and you are on your way. Just be sure the straps are of proper material. Using twine or string to tie around a custom cargo rack is not recommended. Instead, nylon or any other heavy duty material is suggested for the straps.

Each custom cargo rack is comprised of tubular steel. This is so it can handle some weight and also be impervious to minor dings and dents. It is also given a nice, sleek finish. The custom cargo rack sports a black powdercoat finish that plays two roles. Firstly, the look. Black matches every vehicle’s exterior. Secondly, protection. The steel roof rack is better able to withstand extreme temps and inclement weather once finished in the black powdercoat.

Installation is easy, but follow the included instructions. Lund roof cargo carriers are a universal part and require no cutting or drilling.

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