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Strength and dependability are why a seal-tite toolbox offers the kind of toughness truckers need. Keeping tools loosely collected around the bed of your rig can lead to problems. Rust is often an issue. So is damage. Theft might also be a concern. A seal-tite toolbox keeps your tools safe and sound locked in the back of your truck bed. You not only get the security you have been looking for but also the accessibility. It is no longer necessary to retrieve tools and gear from the cab. Simply stroll over to the seal-tite toolbox to grab what you need.

This is not a new product. For years, truckers have been installing truck toolboxes. The difference is in the advanced design and materials. Lund sealtite bed toolboxes are made of genuine auto-grade aluminum. Mounted to the rails, it will be able to handle flying debris such as rocks and pebbles as well as contact with tools and equipment. Lund sealtite toolboxes feature a diamond-plated finish that is not only attractive, but it is also resilient. Constant humidity, precipitation, or drastic dips in temperature will not affect it. The Lund sealtite bed toolbox is specifically manufactured to handle inclement conditions.

When it comes to storage you have a lot of convenience. Inside of the Lund sealtite toolbox are tool trays to help you maintain organization. One of the tool trays is removable for quick odd jobs. As for security, the Lund crossover toolbox sports a domed lid that is outlined with an O-ring gasket that keeps out moisture. On the front of the unit are buttons that lock and unlock for keyless entry. Opening and closing is made smooth, as well. The Lund crossover toolbox uses gas struts that control the action of the lid.

It is not major installation. The Lund crossover toolbox installs horizontally at the back of the bed against the cab. Drilling should not be necessary. For most truck models you can use the included hardware to bracket in the truck seal-tite chest. Once in place, it will stay secure. You can wash it along with the rest of your truck’s exterior. Each crossover bed toolbox comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

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