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Magnecor 7mm Solid Wire Conductor

Magnecor Race Wires

Used prior to the 1960s, Magnecor 7mm solid wire conductors are copper ignition wires designed for most European vehicles and applications where RFI is not a concern. However, this type of spark plug wire is illegal in most areas since there is no RFI suppression, but resistance-type suppressors can be attached to make them street legal. These Magnecor wires handle heat just as well as their other ignition cables and you can also order them with higher heat resistance capabilities.

Copper conductor ignition cables were the prime choice back in the early days when engines were first built. They were durable and would last the entire life of the vehicle itself, along with being very inexpensive to make. Since they emitted too much RFI which interfered with radios and antennas, the copper ignition cables faded out and carbon conductor cables entered the industry. But, there are still applications today that are perfect candidates for these Magnecor ignition cables like industrial engines, marine engines and older German vehicles where suppression is not a concern. They can also be used on extreme performance vehicles that do not have a radio and are strictly meant to go fast.

Magnecor ignition cables can also be custom made to your specific application or if you need individual leads. They can also be ordered loose in any length and you can build them yourself if you are capable of doing so. Magnecor wires are also perfect for custom restorations where a set of custom spark plug wires are needed.