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Magnecor KV85 10mm Ignition Cables

Magnecor Race Wires

Capable of handling 700 degrees F, the Magnecor KV85 10mm ignition cables are oversized race wires for highly modified street cars that have upgraded ignition systems. Upgrading your spark plug wires will allow for better engine performance, which also creates a bit better fuel mileage for those who are lacking. When more voltage reaches the spark plugs, there will be a more efficient combustion of air and fuel which only helps out the engine.

Oversized spark plug wires have a thicker outside jacket than smaller wires like 7mm and 8mm. The thicker jacket is designed to create less voltage leak and prevent any interference from other components in the engine bay. The saying that bigger is always better is not true with Magnecor wires, since bigger only helps out if that is what you need.

The outside jacket in the Magnecor race wires is made from aerospace grade silicone rubber which is far superior to any other type of spark plug wire jacket. Magnecor ignition cables are often more affordable than your OEM cables which do not support the high performance needs of your engine.

Their ignition cables never pop off the plugs either which is somewhat consistent with other aftermarket race wires. The last thing you want while operating at high speeds if your spark plug wire to pop off and cause some major problems. Magnecor wires are built with precise measurements that will stay on your OEM plugs or even aftermarket plugs if that is what you have.