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Magnecor KV85 8.5mm Ignition Wires

Magnecor Race Wires

Magnecor race wires are needed for anyone with a modified engine for street racing or drag racing that wants their engine to perform at its best. The Magnecor KV85 8.5mm ignition cables are specifically designed to be used when the user might feel that their current spark plug wires will inhibit engine performance. Not all spark plug wires deliver the best voltage to the spark plugs and some in fact degrade the engine's output. Your engine also has the ability to last longer when you use the proper aftermarket race wires.

Electrical interference is the number one problem for most ignition wires, but it is not the case with Magnecor ignition cables. All Magnecor wires have EMI suppression which limits the amount of signals sent to various electronic components in the engine bay. This is crucial if you want to maintain proper engine performance and eliminate the chance of a misfire. The effects of EMI on these components are never predictable and can cause major problems down the road.

These 8.5mm ignition cables are slightly larger than OEM ignition cables and are overkill for an engine that is stock and not modified. If you need OEM replacement wires, then the 7mm or 8mm wires are the best choice. Magnecor race wires can withstand the high temperatures associated with high performance engines and the outer jacket will not become affected. The outer jacket on race wires is essential to how the Magnecor ignition cables perform since too much heat will have a negative effect on the voltage.