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Magnecor CN Series

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The ultimate in RFI and EMI suppression is the Magnecor CN series ignition cables. These Magnecor wires are specifically for those vehicles that experience high amounts of EMI and RFI to their engine management systems. These problems will cause the engine performance to drop and misfires can happen at any time. Magnecor ignition cables are specific to your vehicle and fit with zero issues.

The CN series ignition wires are ideal for vehicles equipped with 2-way radios, telephones, satellite radio, off-shore communication equipment, and high powered sound equipment. There is a major chance that your current spark plug cables will emit EMI and RFI into this equipment and cause all sorts of sound issues. Vehicles like police cars and emergency equipment often have most of this equipment installed.

The problem with most aftermarket spark plug wires is their inability to suppress EMI and RFI, which is a characteristic that most of us want. Sure, it may be less than a copper conductor wire, but problems still arise that are not detectable and difficult to diagnose. Magnecor ignition cables suppress these two problems better than any other ignition wire and also have a thick insulation jacket to resist against heat.

Not only are your current spark plug cables a problem, but some cars are just equipped with computerized engine management systems that are easily susceptible to EMI and RFI. This problem comes directly from the auto maker and how the vehicle was designed. They come in both 8.5mm wires and 10mm wires to fit your application.