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Magnecor Electrosports Series 7mm Ignition Cables

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The best OEM replacement ignition cables are the Magnecor Electrosports series 7mm ignition cables. They will improve your overall factory ignition system and improve gas mileage so there is no voltage loss. The voltage loss apparent with OEM cables is more than anyone would like and often times the engine will suffer in performance. Magnecor ignition cables do not deteriorate nearly as much as OEM wires do and they last much longer.

The hunt for replacement spark plug wires ends at the Magnecor ignition cables. Not only are they great replacements, but they can solve issues that you may be having with other aftermarket ignition cables. Insulation on many aftermarket cables can be very thin and will melt under the extreme temperatures associated inside the engine bay. Magnecor spark plug wires have a strong and durable jacket so this does not happen. They are also very flexible so they easily fit inside the factory cable holders for perfect fitment.

The electrosports series ignition cables are designed for engines of today, but are also perfect for older engines in which carburetors and mechanical fuel injection is used. Ideal for classics and muscle cars, these Magnecor spark plug wires are all blue in color to stand out under the hood, making them a centerpiece for car shows.

Their ignition cables also have EMI suppression built in to avoid any electrical confusion or problems associated with on-board engine computers and sensors. Magnecor wires do a better job of this over any other set of aftermarket ignition cables.