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Instead of buying a set of Magnecor ignition cables, you can purchases each of the components separately and make your own. Magnecor ignition cable parts include loose ignition cable, boots, terminals, professional quality crimp tools, numbering sleeves and wire separator looms. Buying separate ignition wire parts allows the user to assemble them to their liking at home or at the race track.

Making your own spark plug wires can be a challenge, but also a big accomplishment at the same time. Some users just like the ability to customize their auto parts and create everything to their liking. I would not recommend just anyone making their own custom spark plug wires using Magnecor spark plug parts because it can be very tricky.

Unless you feel 100% confident that you can put together a perfect working set of ignition cables, then I would not recommend you do it. Instead, buy yourself a set of pre-made Magnecor ignition wires to avoid any chances of them not working properly. However, for the mechanically advanced user, creating a custom set of spark plug wires can be very easy using Magnecor spark plug cable parts.

Creating custom ignition cables allows you to cut the wires to the length you want and route them however you would like which is the great part about using them. You can also use their crimping tool for other ignition wire sets down the road that you build. When you have the Magnecor wires all put together, they will perform just as if you bought a pre-made set.