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Other than supplying the automotive industry with superior ignition cables, Magnecor ignition wires are also available for marine engines that want to use the best spark plug wires on the market. Magnecor marine ignition wires supply that needed spark energy better than OEM ignition cables and they last longer as well. There is nothing worse than finding out your boat's engine is not running at top notch due to insufficient spark plug cables.

Salt water and dirty air finds its way into the engine room on any boat. Quality boat spark plug wires are essential so these chemicals do not harm them to degrade engine performance. Magnecor ignition wires use a thick insulation to surround the core of their ignition wires so there is no chance of them being affected.

You can either select from their pre-made ignition wire sets or have the company make you a set of custom spark plug wires if you do not see your application. However, Magnecor ignition cables are made for nearly every engine ever created from the early days and until now. They also suppress RFI and EMI so your various marine electronics will not be affected when using their ignition wires.

A marine engine that performs at its best is crucial for when you have those long trips out to sea. You do not want to risk being stuck out in the middle of the ocean with a damaged or worn set of spark plug wires. Magnecor wires last longer and provide that needed spark better than any other aftermarket ignition cables.