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Magnecor Race Wires

Magnecor Race Wires

Upgrading your existing spark plug wires to Magnecor race wires will allow your engine to run more efficiently and use all that power that it is equipped with. Often times, factory ignition wires inhibit the engine's performance and do not allow the combustion process to happen as efficient. Magnecor ignition wires are great for either OEM replacements or if you have an upgraded electronic ignition system for your race car.

Magnecor ignition wires will give your vehicle much better acceleration when you need it the most. There really is no difference when you replace your worn out wires with another set of OEM ignition wires, but with Magnecor race wires, the benefits can be felt immediately. Your engine will run much smoother than before and Magnecor ignition wires last longer than any other spark plug wire.

If your vehicle is idling sporadically and is not consistent, Magnecor ignition wires will help with this. They are proven to stabilize all electronics and designed not to interfere with sensors and computers which throws off engine timing. Magnecor ignition wires use EMI suppression to prevent any such thing from happening and you will never notice this unless you switch to Magnecor race wires.

The structure of Magnecor ignition wires is also superior to OEM spark plug wires. They are built to withstand high temperatures especially if you have aftermarket headers installed. Their spark plug wires have a very thin jacket made from the best materials that allow them to be very flexible and heat resistant. They can also be removed and installed over and over again. Often times, engine builds are ongoing and users pull apart the block several times. Magnecor ignition wires will not tear or separate from doing this.

Adding various performance parts will put a strain on your factory ignition system and OEM spark plug wires. If you are looking to get every bit of power from your added parts, then upgrading to Magnecor ignition wires will allow for this. They deliver a greater spark in which the engine can operate at a higher RPM that the performance parts require. The overall performance of your vehicle's engine will suffer since it cannot deliver the proper amount of spark to the spark plugs if you are not using Magnecor ignition wires.

They look very well under the hood as well. Magnecor race wires come in various colors so you can have great performance spark plug wires that can match the inside of your engine bay or the color of your vehicle. This is great for show car purposes for your hot rod or sport compact vehicle.

Their race wires can also be customized for your specific engine which can benefit anyone. If you do not see your application, Magnecor ignition wires can be customized to benefit your engine. Instead of doing it yourself, which is often very expensive, Magnecor puts a complete custom spark plug wire set together for you. They will be properly crimped and perform just like the other sets produced.

Magnecor race wires are not as expensive as you think, and are relatively inexpensive compared to OEM wires or other aftermarket spark plug wires. You can replace your existing wires with their 7mm wires or 8 mm wires as OEM replacement. If you need high performance spark plug wires for your upgraded ignition system, than the oversized 8.5mm spark plug wires are the perfect solution. Oversized spark plug wires can handle more voltage from your aftermarket ignition system that other wires cannot. Their 10mm cables are designed for situations where high heat is an issue. They also should only be used on high performance vehicles and modified engines.

Old spark plug wires break down and they all need to be replaced at a certain time. They corrode and can arc causing the engine to misfire. Magnecor ignition wires will not cause any of the cylinders to misfire as long as they are kept clean. When carbon builds up, this can cause arcing which results to misfires. Also, corroded wires will leak voltage and cause the engine to not perform as well as it should.