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Maintaining Your Magnecor Ignition Cables

Magnecor Race Wires

Just like any other automotive part, Magnecor ignition cables should be cleaned and maintained since they last longer than all other spark plug wires. If you do not clean them, harmful chemicals like carbon and battery acid will build up and eventually eat through the insulation. After so many years, Magnecor spark plug wires should be cleaned so ensure that they perform just like they did out of the package.

Once you notice black deposits on your Magnecor wires, they should be cleaned immediately. The proper way to clean your Magnecor race wires is to use a mild solvent like alcohol. Alcohol is not abrasive enough to eat through the silicone jacket, but it is strong enough to where it will remove the unwanted debris. Also, a solvent that is too strong will wipe away the ink on each wire which identifies the cable's conductor.

Water-based cleaning agents should not be used since water is a conductor and could create spark on the spark plug cables. A corrosive cleaner is also not ideal since it can damage the ignition cables and its surround engine components. Alcohol and a rag is the only two items you need to clean your ignition wires.

If your Magnecor wires are fitted correctly and properly maintained, they will outlast the vehicle. Magnecor spark plug wires are built for durability and strength just like other auto parts. Ensuring that your purchase lasts you a long time is a priority for most of us.