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Solid Core Conductor Wires

Magnecor Race Wires

Copper conductor wires, also known as solid core conductor wires are used on older carbureted engines and some high performance race engines. These Magnecor wires are a thing of the past, but they are still used today on some vehicles that do not have an electronic ignition system. Instead of a carbon core, there is a copper core which handles the spark energy. Magnecor ignition wires directly replace your current wires and will deliver a better spark.

These Magnecor ignition wires should only be used on vehicles without an electronic ignition system because they have no RFI suppression. Classics and hot rods are good candidates for these spark plug wires since most of them use carburetors. If they were to be used on current model vehicles that have electronic ignition systems, the spark plug cables would cause a lot of RFI and the engine would run extremely poor.

Solid core ignition cables themselves cannot be suppressed to overcome RFI or EMI and need some help. Current-reducing resistors can be used on both ends of these Magnecor wires for them to help out with EMI suppression. But in reality, you are just making more work for yourself and it makes more sense just to purchase a different set of Magnecor spark plug wires that use a carbon conductor.

Ignition cables need to be selected properly in order for your engine to run at its full potential and power. Make sure that the solid core conductor spark plug wires are only used with carbureted engines and not with electronic ignition systems.