spark plug wires

Wound Wire Conductors

Magnecor Race Wires

Ideal for race and high performance applications, wound wire conductors are much different that solid core or carbon core conductors. They consist of wires that are wounded around a central core and are made from some type of alloy metal or stainless steel. These Magnecor race wires can handle much more spark energy than their OEM replacement ignition wires and will last much longer as well. The ability to handle more spark energy is the main factor for these Magnecor ignition wires.

If you have an upgraded ignition system or anything other than a factory ignition system, than these Magnecor wires must be used. Carbon core ignition wires cannot handle any additional spark energy that an aftermarket ignition system provides and will fail. Spiral conductor wires are the only ignition wires that can handle this. Although not extremely cheap, Magnecor ignition wires are not mass-produced and quality is put into every spark plug wire set they offer.

Their low-resistance conductors do have some resistance which is needed. Anything with zero resistance is not a good quality and every set of spark plug wires needs resistance for voltage purposes. Magnecor race wires do have less resistance than their other ignition wires, but they are no advertised as zero resistance wires. Magnecor ignition wires using wound wire also suppress RFI and EMI for those high performance vehicles that rely on superior suppression. There is no downside to using spiral conductor wires as they will always enhance the performance and drivability of your engine.