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Boat Engine Parts

Boat Engine Parts

Marine boats have engines parts that can produce significant amounts of horsepower. Owners use their boats for many different reasons like fishing, racing and just cruising. The power behind these marine vessels is very complex and requires the proper tuning to get it to run correctly. Air filtration and venting for the boat's engine is essential to its performance and keeping everyone safe. Not only required by the Coast Guard, but a properly maintained flame arrestor will do its job on protecting the boat from catching on fire. Along with proper ventilation, the watercraft needs various parts to run efficient as well. Marine parts are available from big manufacturers like K&N and Fidanza.

Marine vessels need air filtration parts just as much as automobiles do. Although there is no dirt or dust flying on the water, there are impurities in the air. Having such an expensive engine, using marine parts like quality air filters will improve the performance and longevity of the engine. A flame arrestor on a boat prevents the breakout of any fires. Boats that use internal combustion engines require the use of this ventilation marine part. The flame arrestor prevents any type of spark or flame that may occur from the engine's combustion process. Also, the watercraft's engine room may fill up with gas vapors and fumes. These byproducts have the possibility of being ignited if a spark or flame occurs. Have the vessel equipped with a working flame arrestor will ensure the life of the boat.

Watercraft ventilation serves another purpose as well. Boat engines are typically very loud. The flame arrestor also muffles the sound of the engine. The noise from the engine is trapped and then dissipated by the arrestor. Weather it is a long fishing trip or a cruise around the local waterway, a loud engine can be very annoying.

K&N manufactures marine parts for nearly every watercraft engine. Their filtration products are made using oil cotton gauze and an epoxied screen filter element. Not only will it protect your engine, but these filters also give the vessel a boost in horsepower. Choosing K&N watercraft parts for your boat will make for a very happy engine. K&N has been perfecting marine parts for vessels for many years. All of their ventilation products are marine approved and washable and reusable. Their boat filters are also unaffected by moisture. This feature makes them stand out from the rest of the marine parts on the market. The overall look of a K&N watercraft part is very appealing as well. Their flame arrestors are made using only the highest grade stainless steel to house the filter. This will brighten up the watercraft's engine bay and set it apart from the rest. K&N also offer marine products for your high performance watercraft engine. Their boating parts will improve a supercharged engine's output. The proper air flow from a high power engine will ensure the boat is operating at its best.

Other marine parts like the flywheel's ring gear can also be a good upgrade. All internal combustion engines use a flywheel in order to be started. The ring gear is fitted with teeth to transfer power to the flywheel. This part is crucial in the starting process. Watercraft that has an internal combustion engine can sometimes fail due to the ring gear. Fidanza offers some of the best flywheel marine parts today. Their quality is second to none and can handle more abuse than factory. Fidanza heat-treats their ring gears to ensure longevity of the watercraft's parts as well. When traveling miles out into the open sea, the last thing the captain wants is a non-starting boat. Fidanza marine products will give the owner peace of mind.