MGP Caliper Covers

Dodge Caliper Covers

MGP Caliper Covers

Once your set of Dodge caliper covers is installed, your wheels have a greater sense of personality. Whether at a car show or simply parking your car in front of your home, people will notice the color splashing out behind your tires. Dodge caliper covers can be responsible for a head-turning effect many take notice of. In recent years, the Dodge brand has been associated with high performing cars and trucks. Because a lot of their car owners enjoy putting personal touches on their vehicles, Dodge caliper covers have become more popular than ever.

MGP is known throughout the automotive world for creating custom caliper guards for most automobile manufacturers. The caliper has a lot of responsibility. It is the braking mechanism that transfers fluid to the pistons so that your disc brakes clamp. And often, they are visible on vehicles with wide wheels or rims. Dodge caliper guards create a colorful look in this area. For the more well-known models in the lineup, they add a custom touch that completes a driver's exterior vision. You can find Dodge caliper guards in several styles and colors.

Red and black are the two main colors, but you can change it. If you own a sports car or racing model with multiple colors, you can order Dodge caliper guards in the shade of your choice. This gives drivers the option to pick out a color that matches their body paint or other sections of the car. For example, a black Dodge Charger with blue trim might mean choosing blue MGP caliper covers as part of a custom order. If you use your model for competitive purposes, there is also the option to have your last name or car number engraved in. To do so, you can upload a file to MGP and they will make your Dodge caliper guards say what you wish.

Installation is simple. All it takes is jacking the car up, removing the wheel, and putting on each MGP caliper cover one at a time. Each set comes with clips that attach to the brake disc shields. For most drivers, it does not take too long. Expect about 45 minutes to install a set of four MGP caliper covers. They are a safe automotive performance part to install.

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