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MGP Caliper Covers

You can choose Ford caliper covers for several reasons. One might be style. A unique custom effect takes place when you install custom caliper guards. Another might be protection. Ford caliper covers demonstrate an ability to reduce both heat and the buildup of brake dust. Or it could just be that you are a big fan of the automaker. You want to show your allegiance and throwing on a set of Ford caliper covers is the cherry on top you have been waiting for. Whatever your reasons are, MGP offers a complete line of custom caliper guards that are designed specifically for your vehicle. Each set is made of top quality materials and shows off an outstanding finish.

There are different methods for selecting MGP caliper covers. The primary way is simply by choosing your vehicle's make. If this is what you are looking for, you can find MGP caliper covers available for most models in the Ford lineup. This includes the Explorer, Fusion, Focus, and Mustang. If you are interested in model-specific style, MGP has plenty to offer. You can select custom caliper guards with the name of your model or the model's nickname (such as Mustang Shelby). If you are browsing and do not see your model listed, you can order your set of MGP caliper covers custom-made with the name or image of your choice.

Drivers also look for an element of exterior defense. The brakes and wheels are often exposed to substances such as dust, gravel, and debris. MGP caliper covers are comprised of aerospace-grade aluminum. This material is very effective when dealing with heat and adverse weather conditions. T6 aluminum is resistant to heat absorption and will keep your calipers and the surrounding area cooler.

But what Ford calipers defend against the most is brake dust and dirt. The inside of the wheels (especially with aftermarket wheels and rims) is vulnerable to being soiled. This can cause wear-and-tear over a long period of time. MGP brake caliper guards resist the buildup of dust on the surface. And in the event dirt or dust builds up on the covers, it is very easy to wash off with a damp washcloth.

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