MGP Caliper Covers

Front Caliper Covers

MGP Caliper Covers

Giving your vehicle a set of front caliper covers is a fast way to bring more personality to the exterior. If you have been to an auto show or various events on the local racing circuit, you have likely come across cars with custom caliper guards. This is the part that is shaped like a semi-circle and visible on brake discs. Most often, front caliper covers are painted to match the trim and/or interior of the vehicle. But it depends on the driver's tastes. There are many options including custom colors and logos. Front caliper covers are also available for many cars, trucks, and SUVs.

One of the most popular ways motorists apply this upgrade is by getting creative with the color. MGP caliper covers come in red, black, satin, and stealth black. How a driver chooses the color is dependent on several things. Many car owners will order MGP caliper covers that match body trim. For example, if it is a Honda Prelude that is black with blue racing stripes, the brake disc shields might be ordered in blue. But some luxury and tuner car owners prefer MGP caliper covers that match the interior color pattern. It is a matter of taste and differs for many motorists.

The main colors MGP caliper covers are available in are black, red, satin, and stealth black. However, not all front brake guards are available in every color. MGP will paint with an OEM color if you provide the appropriate color code. To find what is available for your vehicle, simply browse by model. MGP also offers custom caliper guards with engraved text, such as make and model. This feature is not available for every vehicle, but it can made special. You can order custom caliper guards and have them engraved by MGP with a logo or name. Once completed, it adds a very unique effect with a high quality powder coat as the background.

It should not be difficult to install MGP brake caliper guards, although some vehicles might display easier access than others. All it really entails is using a jack to remove each wheel one-by-one. Cleaning off the stock calipers, inside the wheel or rim and wheel well are recommended before installation. MGP brake caliper guards come with all necessary hardware and instructions.

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