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Honda Caliper Covers

MGP Caliper Covers

Adding on a set of Honda caliper covers is a quick way to give your car a boost in presence. Part of what makes this upgrade appealing is its location. Even if you have aftermarket rims, Honda caliper covers bring more personalization to your wheels. A big reason why is because of their color. MGP makes Honda caliper covers in red, black, and satin. If your vehicle has a unique body color or you wish to match the interior, you can order a custom color. MGP caliper covers can be painted to match any area of your vehicle as long as you provide the proper color code.

There are several places where you may witness this customization the most. A lot of drivers who display their models at car shows use MGP caliper covers as an extra piece of decoration. For cars such as the Honda S2000, which are known as sports compact models, there is often a host of exterior modifications. MGP caliper covers add a pronounced effect that compliments the entire profile. For cars with wide wheels, the stock calipers stand out. Installing MGP caliper covers over them is a good opportunity to make a statement that helps your car stand out even more.

Each set is comprised of high quality material. MGP caliper covers are made of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. T6 aluminum is a substance that is used on other automotive parts besides brake caliper guards. What this material does is provide both durability and resistance to heat and corrosion. Brake rotors and discs generate heat, especially during usage. This heat can cause wear on area. Brake caliper guards help prevent that from happening. The aluminum manages the heat without absorbing it. With the heat unabsorbed, your pistons will not wear down as easily. Brake caliper guards take approximately 10-15 minutes to install per wheel.

Another main factor is their ability to have a unique message. MGP offers custom brake guards that you can order with your own text engraved in. Drivers who race often put their car's number or nickname on them. If you have an image, MGP can engrave that in, as well. Depending on what it is and the level of detail, MGP caliper guards can be engraved with the logo of your choice. Not many Honda accessories can be personalized to this extent.

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