MGP Caliper Covers

Hyundai Caliper Covers

MGP Caliper Covers

MGP manufactures Hyundai caliper guards for most models on the automaker's roster. This is a custom addition that gets noticed quickly because of where it is located. Hyundai caliper covers are installed over the face of your car's calipers. If your vehicle hosts designer wheels and/or rims, your brake discs are likely visible. Decorating the area is a popular way to add to your exterior's style. Hyundai caliper covers peek out from behind the wheel and can be seen immediately. They are also quickly installed and once in place, add a hint of protection along with the fashion statement.

There are many types of drivers who use Hyundai caliper guards. Originally, this was a modification meant more for people involved in the racing or performance scene. And it is still common for these kinds of enthusiasts to purchase Hyundai caliper guards. But times have changed and now this type of accessory is becoming increasingly popular for casual motorists, as well. That is because you can personalize Hyundai caliper guards any way you want. Each set features engraved text with your vehicle's manufacturer, model name, or MGP. If you would like to get extra personal, Hyundai caliper guards can be engraved with your own phrase or image.

Perhaps their most attractive attribute is their color. One of the main characteristics drivers look for in MGP caliper guards is how the color matches up to their car. It is often the deciding factor. There are two stock powder-coat colors MGP caliper guards come in: red and black. But if you wish to choose a different color, you can. You have the option to select whatever color you would like for your MGP caliper guards. They can be painted to match the OEM body scheme or any other area of your car.

Custom caliper covers are ordered in sets of two or four. If you were to order a set of two, it would be for the front wheels only. It is recommended to order according to the makeup of your vehicle. Most drivers purchase a full set of four brake clamp covers if they have aftermarket wheels, simply because the spacing of the spokes or mags makes the calipers stands out.

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