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Nissan Caliper Covers

MGP Caliper Covers

Fashion is why Nissan caliper covers are popular, but quality is why they last. Drivers interested in this upgrade need a part that is not going to succumb to the surrounding elements. Nissan caliper covers from MGP fit that description. That is due in large part to the material. The company uses 6061-T6 aluminum that promotes a resistance to high temps and brake dust. Whether installed on a car or a truck, Nissan caliper covers will handle the braking environment, keeping their finish and appearance intact. Thanks to MGP's mounting clips and hardware, installation is easy for most drivers.

If you have been looking for MGP caliper guards, chances are you want them for their appearance. There are different options available, depending on if you go with a stock MGP shade or a custom color. The stock colors include red and black, with satin and stealth black obtainable for only certain vehicles. However, MGP caliper guards can be ordered with the color of your choice. You will need to provide the company with the appropriate code. After that, MGP will paint your custom caliper guards the exact color you want.

A lot of times, drivers have a specific area of the vehicle they would like to match. For Nissan cars with painted trim or racing stripes, having MGP caliper guards painted to match these areas as opposed to the body is pretty common. Some tuners prefer a different direction. These motorists may order MGP caliper guards that are painted to match the color of their interiors.

Purchasing Nissan custom caliper covers is seen as advantageous to painting the calipers by many. Painting the area can be effective. However, there are attributes custom caliper covers offer that painting does not. The protection offered by the aluminum, as touched on earlier, is useful for braking health. Over time, brake dust can build and cause damage to the rotors, disc, and caliper. This can lead to expensive replacement. Nissan caliper guards provide a line of defense that will not be penetrated. If dust or sediment accumulates, it is also simple to wipe them clean.

Dressing up your Nissan with a more aggressive style can be rewarding. MGP brake caliper shields make it simple to do so while displaying durable quality through all of your driving habits.

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