MGP Caliper Covers

Performance Caliper Covers

MGP Caliper Covers

Drivers looking for performance caliper covers are attempting to initiate a racing-inspired appearance. Many sporty compacts and racing models feature wide diameter wheels that not only stand out, but also showcase a glimpse of the brake calipers. Throwing on a set of performance caliper covers adds a personalized sense of style to the already upgraded area. But it is not just about the look. MGP caliper guards offer a heightened level of security while also providing a smooth and worry-free installation.

Those involved in the racing scene make sure the exteriors for their cars matches the performance profile. MGP caliper guards are a popular addition to racecars because they add a splash of color. Since they can be customized in a multitude of ways, drivers will use racing brake clamp covers to show off their model name, automaker, or have their car's nickname engraved on. Brake dust shields can also be painted to match specific sections of a racecar such as the body, chassis, splitter, spoiler, or roof fin.

When it comes to installation, performance caliper covers are much more efficient than painting the area. Painting the clamps means having to uninstall a wheel, clean, paint, let dry, put back together, and then re-install the wheel. Putting a pair (or set) of MGP caliper guards on involves little more than a 3/8 wrench and an hour of your time. The fitment is guaranteed to be precise. MGP caliper guards are digitally rendered to size according to a vehicle's exact year, make, and model.

In addition to their stylish characteristics, they also add a touch of protection. Dust and debris often finds a home on brakes and rotors. Custom caliper guards demonstrate a dirt-resistant surface in all weather conditions. If dirt or sediment manages to build up on the calipers, many times it will disappear on its own. If not, you can take a cloth and wipe off your custom caliper guards quickly to maintain a showroom-worthy appearance.

Whether you are trying to add a personalized look to your wheels or protect your brakes with more punch, MGP caliper covers offer everything you are looking for. They are available for many makes and models including a collection of full-size trucks. Even if your model is several years old, there are still plenty of custom caliper guards for you to choose from.

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