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MGP Caliper Covers

You often see racing caliper covers in use on performance models. Whether the cars are actual competitive vehicles or simply have a racing-inspired style, it is important for drivers to have the proper look on their cars. Everything from domestic sportsters to import rides show off colorful racing caliper covers as an added dimension people take notice of. And while appearance is a big part of the equation, there is more to this part than just the visual. Racing caliper covers also offer an edge in protection to an area that is usually left bare.

When it comes to style there are a lot of options. MGP offers brake caliper covers for a wide variety of racecars. Plenty of custom effects are available if you are looking to put a personal stamp on your wheels. MGP caliper guards come with the automaker or model name engraved in for many well-known cars including the Ford Mustang, Chevy Corvette, and Chevy Camaro. If MGP does not have car brake dust shields with your make or model available, you can custom order your set and have them do it special. MGP caliper guards can be engraved with the text or logo of your choice.

The biggest reason drivers choose this upgrade is due to color. MGP caliper guards come in red, black, satin, and stealth black, depending on the model. However, if you are looking for a different color, you can custom order that, as well. MGP caliper guards can be painted in just about any color you would like. In order to acquire your custom color you will need to provide the automotive color code to MGP.

As for added protection, brake caliper covers demonstrate a shield over your calipers. They do not extend down to the disc. That is because they are designed for appropriate clearance and will not interfere with your discs or wheel well. The defensive posture brake caliper covers provide is great for dust and debris. If dust or sediment becomes embedded in the brake pistons, it can affect braking and over time cause damage. Custom caliper covers protect against both dirt and heat, giving the entire area improved defense while also showing a glimpse of personal style.

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