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Truck Caliper Covers

MGP Caliper Covers

Drivers looking for truck caliper covers can find them in the highest quality by MGP. Many have been under the assumption that this was an upgrade primarily for performance car owners. But that is not the case. There are truck caliper covers for most major models including the F-150, Silverado, Ram, Tundra, and more. Pickup owners like to install them because most times, their wheels are made for it. Trucks have wider wheel diameters, which makes their calipers pop out more than on most sedans. If you happen to have aftermarket wheels or rims, then truck caliper covers make even more of an impact.

MGP has been manufacturing these truck parts for years. This has helped them accumulate the licensing rights to make pickup truck caliper guards for more vehicles than anyone else. One of the most attractive characteristics about them is their ability to say something about your ride. Pickup truck caliper guards can display the name of your truck or the automaker. Fans who happen to be big fans of their vehicle like to advertise their model name wherever they can. Plenty of people like to order Silverado caliper covers to show their Chevy allegiance.

Another big factor is their toughness. It is important that pickup truck caliper guards are able to withstand their environment. Inside the wheel well and around the brakes can be a lot of heat and dust. This can lead to wear on the parts. MGP caliper covers are made of aerospace T-6 aluminum, which serves two functions. The first is keeping cool. T6 aluminum is used with many exterior truck accessories and will help maintain an even temperature so that the area near your brake discs does not become overheated. MGP caliper covers also block dusty buildup from causing an issue.

You have the ability to mix and match with the color of your vehicle. MGP offers pickup truck caliper guards in red and black. However, if you would like a custom color you can have it. MGP caliper covers can be ordered in an OEM color if you provide the color code. They can be painted to match trim, the interior, or another section of your vehicle.

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