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Molded floor liners cover much more ground than OEM mats because of the way they are designed. Think of the word molded for a second. Husky uses exact vehicle specs to create their custom floor liners. The thin rubberized material is cut and shaped to match the dimensions of every type of floor. Regular auto carpet mats cannot cover the kind of space SUV molded mats can, as those stock mats display gaps around the edges. It is in these gaps where stains and spills have a habit of settling in. This is a problem that can be difficult to solve for many drivers.

SUV drivers sometimes have trouble locating custom floor liners that fit properly. Husky molded floor mats work really well in sport utility vehicles because of all the extra space. There is increased seating capacity and that means more passengers. More passengers means more messes. Then there is the cargo space. Factory mats are often not included for this part of the vehicle, but even when they are, these SUV floor mats are normally narrow and don't enact adequate coverage. Custom floor liners that are molded specifically for your vehicle demonstrate a shield that encompasses an entire area. This is why many drivers with busy lifestyles prefer Husky molded floor mats.

While Husky molded floor mats work great in SUVs, they work equally well in sedans, also. Plenty of luxury car owners have started replacing their stock mats with custom floor liners because they want to make sure they maintain their car's resale value. Even though thick luxury mats are nice and comfortable, the issue is their size. They are often smaller and cut in squares, so the shape doesn't allow them to cover a whole lot of ground. Like OEM carpet matting, luxury mats are too compact to offer security around the entire perimeter of the interior. Plus, some drivers don't want to ruin these mats in the first place. Molded floor liners show off the proper protection and size that makes them a popular substitute.

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