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There are several important benefits of choosing molded truck mats over universal floor mats, especially depending on the truck model you own. In full-size trucks with an extended cab, there are Husky truck liners that act as a complete set of floor mats because there is all of that added space to take into account. Universal floor mats are often not available for extended cab trucks in complete sets. This makes a difference when purchasing mats separately for distinct areas of the cab, merely because it winds up costing more. For many trucks without an extended cab, most drivers prefer Husky truck liners that just take care of the front seats.

Another factor many drivers consider when upgrading to molded truck mats over universal or OEM floor mats is not just that they fit, but also how they fit. Husky truck liners can fit differently depending on their application. Classic Style floor mats provide better protection than factory matting while enacting a more traditional fit under the driver's side pedals and the glove compartment. Heavy duty mats for trucks fit similarly to molded mats, with the main difference between the two being the deeper channels and thick heel pad of the heavy duty liners.

Molded truck mats began to get attention soon after Husky developed them due to how way they wrap up the inside of a truck. The main way they deviate from universal floor mats is in how this occurs. Universal mats present a common fitment, which means they are cut into squares or rectangles to match the location of the vehicle where they go. Husky truck liners display a molded fit that encompasses a much greater amount of space. They cover not only the areas immediately in front of the seats, but to the perimeter of the doorsills, as well. No other type of aftermarket mat offers the kind of fit that not only blankets most of the cab, but presents as attractive of a custom look. There is simply no greater percentage of interior protection available.

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