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The purpose to installing an Alta cornering bar is enacting better handling. Plenty of Mini drivers bent on performance want to improve over the OEM part. They are seeking an increase in road grip as well as better tightness around corners. Alta cornering bars provide added stability on just about any road surface. Once installed, the improvement is noticeable right away. There is more conviction in the chassis when turning along with less body roll at speed. Also, if you already sport other Mini performance accessories on your car, this makes a great finishing touch. Alta cornering bars are available for both supercharged (2002-06) and turbo (2007-13) Mini Cooper models.

Precision manufacturing is what makes this an upgrade. Unlike the factory piece, an Alta rear sway bar is comprised of solid steel for added thickness and durability. They are then digitally measured for laser cutting to meet your car’s exact specs. Alta rear sway bars are welded at the ends, not pressed. The welded ends add integrity to the structure while offering better angling.

Another bonus is that Alta rear sway bars are also adjustable. This feature allows the driver to play with different stiffness settings based on their riding habits. Residential cruisers can fine-tune where their Alta rear sway bar mounts to match the terrain they encounter. Performance enthusiasts can choose to increase stiffness exactly to their track preferences. Mini Cooper sway bars offer an increase of 100% rigidity compared to the factory part. But using the endlinks raises that number even further. You can set your Mini Cooper sway bar to demonstrate up to 400% more stiffness for professional-level response.

Hitting hard corners will not be a concern. Perrin gives their Mini Cooper sway bars centering rings. The centering rings stop motion in the structure, keeping balance uncompromised so that your car responds immediately. Each Perrin sway bar comes with high quality polyurethane bushings that have pockets embedded in to host grease. Bushings assist in creating an even feel when turning without initiating too much of a cushion.

Rear cornering bars come in two sizes: 19mm or 2mm. Choose based on your driving style. For competitive racers, 22mm offers a higher amount of firmness in motion.

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