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A new Alta inlet tube helps you get the most out of your turbo’s performance. It is not as much about power gains but more the potential. That potential is often held back by the factory tubing. OEM inlets feature a corruptible rubber that has a tendency to harden due to age. Once this begins happening, it is only a matter of time before cracks and leaks become an issue. Alta inlet tubes are comprised of strong billet aluminum that easily handles the temperature and flowing responsibility you need. It is an overall more durable and higher functioning part. Alta inlet tubes are available for most Mini Cooper JCW and R56 turbo model years.

Another trait is the diameter. Since Mini turbo inlet hoses are stronger, they will maintain the same diameter without crimping due to extreme temperatures. The ability to sustain width inside assists in creating better airflow. There is less restriction and better protection against leaks. Mini turbo inlet hoses include specially crafted couplers that meet the R56 turbo. This is further reinforced by the O-rings. Once locked in place, the Mini turbo inlet hose enacts a seal that stymies leaks and keeps air going. To make swapping easier there is also an air horn located behind the couplers. This allows the Mini turbo inlet hose to stream air properly when connected to the turbo.

Almost all of its strengths are because of the construction. Each Mini Cooper inlet hose is mandrel-bent. This process combines digital measuring for angle and the physical bending of the pipe. What mandrel bending does is shape the Mini Cooper inlet hose to the exact angle it needs to be for a proper fit. Also, it guarantees that the piping will retain its structural integrity despite the bend. Rubber or silicone tubing is manufactured to scale out of a machine without the same level of precision. Mini Cooper inlet hoses are not pliable, therefore there is no bending or tearing.

Installation is pretty much standard. Both R56 and JCW turbo inlets come with 2 couplers, 2 O-rings, 2 zip ties, and all necessary hardware. You also receive detailed instructions. Finishes include red and black with “Alta” etched on the couplers.

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