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Mounting your own Alta light bar combines old-school rally car looks with modern utility. It is also an easy way to give your car a custom look. Alta light bars first entered production several years back and they gained traction with Mini owners immediately. Hooking fog lights up to the front used to be a popular upgrade when the brand hit the mainstream. Once again back in style, Alta light bars are a modification that serves two purposes. Drivers get the retro appearance they are after. And of course, they can also use their Alta light bars to shine the road ahead when zipping around an off-road course.

Location is everything when it comes to exterior modifications. Alta rally light bars are installed beneath the lower lip of the grille. Part of this placement is due to lighting quality. From this spot, the Alta rally light bar displays a more concise angle for lights to rest. If in use on off-road terrain, a lower beam level can pick up inconsistencies in the road surface. Part of it also has to do with style. Alta rally light bars are not designed for trucks, Jeeps, or SUVs. Those vehicles use roof fog lights due to their height advantage. That is not the case with Minis. Alta rally light bars keep in line with the tradition set forth by the automaker in the early 1960’s.

Because of where they go, toughness is crucial. Mini Cooper rally bars are manufactured from aluminum and steel. Aluminum is used for the front plate that aligns to the bumper. This helps the part not move around or shift. Each Mini Cooper rally bar also comes with cold-rolled steel brackets that mount alongside the plate. For uniform appeal, all of the hardware is given a textured black powdercoating that acts as a protectant against wear and corrosion.

Following installation, you will not have to worry about your Mini Cooper rally bar bouncing or coming loose. The brackets lock in using bolts and washers, not clips. You will be able to remove the entire unit whenever you need.

The Perrin fog light strip hosts four fog or rally car lamps but are not included with your order. However, you can purchase them in a full kit with other Mini rally car accessories.

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