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Putting in a new Mini Cooper recirculating valve helps with improving the programmable boost. The issue is that the OEM CRV does not adequately keep up with the demands you wish to place upon your car. Not only does it lag but it can cause harm due to surges. It also pesters you with constant CELs once it begins to age. A Mini Cooper recirculating valve from Alta offers better boosting pressure that compliments an ECU tune. This allows you to go with the PSI of your choice without fear of leaking or delay. Best of all, installing a Mini Cooper recirculating valve does not interfere with any other engine components.

For proper boosting balance has to be maintained. Alta compressor recirculation valves take pressure off of the turbo in effort to stave off unnecessary stress and damage. The ECU by itself activates the stock valve without accounting for pressure and activity. This can cause surges. An Alta compressor recirculation valve works by applying adequate pressure gleaned from the intake manifold to open it up. There is no “over-boosting.” As soon as you decide to decelerate, the pressure subsides. If you shift in and out at high speeds, an Alta compressor recirculation valve adds both life and safety to your Mini.

Only a few parts make up this upgrade. Alta CRV kits include the valve itself, hose, resistor, and hardware. Aside from the BOV, the spring and diaphragm are tasked with an important responsibility. They represent the parts of the Alta CRV kit that mates to the turbo, so it is critical that the material used is very durable. There is constant heat and pressure coming from the turbocharger. Alta CRV kits are crafted from specially-treated plastic with steel hardware. The blow off valve will not succumb to heat or high pressure and it is likely it will outlive your car.

Installing your Alta CRV kit should not be too difficult if you have prior experience. You receive all of the components you need, including an Allen wrench and zip ties. The Mini Cooper blow off valve takes about 2 hours to install. It will not get in the way of other Alta performance accessories you have.

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