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BRZ Filter Cap

Perrin Performance

Inserting a new BRZ filter cap changes the look of your engine bay. If you intend on making a slew of modifications under the hood there is no reason to keep the factory standard. Dressing up the area with a hint of custom style can make a big difference. A BRZ filter cap is a common addition under the hood for serious Subaru and FR-S drivers. That is mainly due to the desire to show off various engine parts to fellow performance car owners or for display at local auto shows. But there are other reasons, as well. Using a BRZ filter cap made of high quality materials also offers more security that can be depended on when the car is in motion.

The OEM does not include parts meant to be attractive but rather, are serviceable. Perrin oil filter covers are different. They are a replacement of a bland component and are specifically designed to offer a cooler look. A big factor in that is related to the material. Perrin oil filter covers are made from automotive-grade 6061 billet aluminum. This is for durability and resistance to spilled substances (such as of course, engine oil). You can choose your Perrin oil filter cover in one of two available finishes, black and silver. It also features the brand’s logo printed on the top. Once installed, a Perrin oil filter cover stands out amidst your engine compartment’s hoses and belts.

It is guaranteed to stay in place as if put there by the factory. Grooves are machined in at the bottom of the custom filter cap so that it threads into the housing with no issues. The O-rings offer reinforced snugness. On the side of the custom filter cap you will notice it is etched with grooves. This is to make it easy to take off when it is time for an oil change. Using a removal tool or even a dry rag should not be necessary when unscrewing the custom filter cap.

Finding Subaru engine bay accessories that inject some style can be difficult. An Impreza oil filter cover is an economical and fashionable way to give your car a fresh look. Others will take notice of it. Plus, it is a well-made part. Perrin filter covers are built to last the life of your vehicle.

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