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88a Durometer Bushings

Perrin Performance

Upgrade to polyurethane Impreza bushings to get rid of sloppy gear transitions. Going from 2nd to 3rd gear and back down can cause shudders with the factory settings. There is a lack of response and the pausing can lead to hard shifts. After a while, this can take a toll. Perrin shifter bushings are made to provide smoothness and security that makes performance more consistent. Less vibration and improved notchiness are the main benefits gleaned from this modification. The results are noticeable immediately. After installing Perrin shifter bushings you will feel an increase in response over the previous stock configuration.

The primary reason for improvement stems from the material. Perrin shifter bushings are made of 88a durometer polyurethane, which is extremely stiff. The reduction in pliability allows for a substantial decrease in the movement that causes hesitancy. The bolder 88a durometer bushings enact a firmer guide to the transmission. This is why there is a crisper feel when changing gears. 88a durometer bushings remove the sloppy effect caused by softer antivibration mounting. In some vehicles there may be a slight increase in vibration while others might not experience it at all. Even if there is a minimal increase in NVH, the responsiveness of 88a durometer bushings outweighs the effect(s).

Most drivers agree that the biggest difference occurs between 2nd and 3rd gear. Traditionally in Impreza models this is the sequence that causes the most concern. Factory stick shift bushings are not meant for quick gearing. The main complaint has been switching from 3rd to 2nd. With polyurethane Impreza bushings the tremors are gone. In its place is a smoother, cleaner shift.

It is not just performance devotees who appreciate this customization. Polyurethane Impreza bushings are a suitable addition for every driver with a manual transmission. The only difference between the two types of drivers would be additional modifications. Competitive racers might go with a short shifter and other parts in addition to their polyurethane Impreza bushings. Other than that, the results are the same.

Perrin has them for both sides. You can select front or rear shifter bushings, depending on your needs. Installation is DIY but can be tricky. Access to a lift and/or ramps makes it a whole lot easier. Perrin performance bushings come with detailed instructions.

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