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Forcing consistent cooling is what Alta Mini Cooper intakes are designed for. The engine bay is home to a steady diet of hot, sticky air. Inside this air are dirty particles that add up. Even when filtered out, this process can keep performance at a subpar level. Alta Mini Cooper intakes clean and cool air going into your engine for more efficiency, resulting in numerous benefits. You will notice an increase in horsepower along with a throatier tone and even a bump in fuel mileage. Supercharged engines need to be regularly maintained in order for them to function optimally. Choosing an Alta Mini Cooper intake makes it easier to protect your car and improve everyday driving.

The kit comprises three main sections: the hose, filter, and air box. The inlet hose, made of silicone, represents the part of the Alta cold air intake system responsible for taking in air. It also connects the air box to the throttle body. What separates the Alta cold air intake system from others is that the hose is smooth on the inner surface, which makes it easier for air to stream through. It boasts a wide diameter, as well. The air box is placed on the underside of the car’s hood to stymie any excess heat and moisture from reaching the Alta cold air intake system. It is comprised of aluminum and specifically shaped to enact a tight seal.

One of the most important pieces to any Alta cold air intake system is the filter. The foam filter is able to capture dirt and dust and hold it with more conviction than a cloth filter. Its large size also gives the engine more area from which to draw cooler, cleaner air. Mini Cooper air intake kits are put together to make car air filtration more robust. That is because busy engines that churn at a high rate often invite hot, smoggy air inside the bay. Alta configures each Mini Cooper air intake kit according to your car’s exact specs and requirements.

Many wonder about the performance boost. A Mini Cooper air intake kit can contribute approximately 10 extra WHP. Another effect is the sound. Although not quite as loud as a catback exhaust, Alta Mini intake systems promote an edgier, more aggressive note from the engine bay.

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