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The main benefit to a Ma Mini stubby antenna is proportion. Of course, that is also relative to looks. The problem begins with the OEM mast. For a car known for its super sub-compact body style, Minis come out of the factory with an unusually long radio antenna. The solution is not taking it off out of frustration but instead, going with something new. That is where a Mini stubby antenna comes in. Intended to offer the same level of reception only without the extra length, your MC could finally present the dynamic visual you have been waiting for. A Mini stubby antenna cures an OEM issue with a simple replacement.

It has long been one of the only complaints about the car’s exterior. Drivers want a replacement car antenna simply because the factory one does not match the size of the car. It is too long. A running joke in the auto community has been that Minis look like they are “radio controlled” due to the length. Installing a replacement car antenna takes care of that. Alta designed their offering to deliver a sleeker, more compact shape that fits right in with the attitude of your vehicle. There are even two different sizes of replacement car antennas to choose from.

This is one of the most requested Mini Cooper exterior accessories on the market and you will not have to be concerned about durability. Each Alta stubby car antenna is made of genuine billet aluminum. This is to endure all of the tumultuous weather conditions your car is subjected to. Billet aluminum also aids in preserving the finish on your Alta stubby car antenna. This is an important trait. There are some aftermarket replacements that rust within a month of being installed. That will not be the case here. The Alta stubby car antenna can handle snow, ice, rain, and dirt. A damp rag is all that is necessary to clean it off.

Installation could not be easier. Simply unscrew your Mini OEM antenna mast and put this in its place. It takes just over a minute to complete. Once on, the Alta stubby car antenna will present a more dynamic visual and fit as if it was put there by the factory. Sizes available are 2” and 4”.

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