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Relying on a Perrin oil cooler kit for your BRZ or FR-S is an effective way to manage engine temps. Neither vehicle is assembled with the capability to keep temperatures down. If you are a motorist who is serious about your car, a Perrin oil cooler kit goes a long way towards sustaining performance. Oil becomes hot due to a variety of factors. High speeds and high pressure contribute to how this happens. Since your car did not come with its own unit to stave off this issue it is all up to you. A Perrin oil cooler kit can help you gain valuable horsepower while enacting a level of safety that was not there before.

The main piece to this upgrade is the heat exchanger. This is the core of the racing oil cooler. It is in charge of lessening the amount of heat without the need for pressure to rise. Perrin designed turbulators, which act as a sort of filtration that stirs the cooling oil. This forces oil to be distributed to the racing oil cooler itself, eliminating any needless loss of pressure.

Included is also an integrated thermostat. When engine oil rises above 200 degrees Fahrenheit, horsepower begins to dip. Perrin conducted their own dyno tests without a racing oil cooler found that this occurs quickly after the the number hit rises above 212 F. To prevent that from happening, the thermostat engages engine oil cooling once it exceeds 185 F.

Some may question what kind of cars need a racing oil cooler. The answer depends as much as on the driver as it does the model. BRZ and FR-S owners who want to up their supercharged package are usually the ones most interested in a car oil cooling kit. A big reason why is because many times, these vehicles have aftermarket parts meant for off-road use. That means their cars are being driven at high speeds and thus, they need a car oil cooling kit for competition. However, everyday drivers may want one, too. Since your model was not created with one, adding your own car oil cooling kit is always a good idea.

You receive everything you need. All Subaru oil cooler kits come with T6 aluminum mounting brackets, hardware, and complete installation instructions.

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