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Perrin Performance

Many drivers discover that a Perrin belt cover does more than provide extra protection. It also adds a nice slice of style sport compact drivers appreciate.

The engine bay is a place that hosts a lot of components that need defense. That is especially true of belts, where debris can cause serious damage. A Perrin belt cover acts as a secure perimeter that stops unwanted contact with harmful substances. Plus, the look presents a tasteful contrast to the area. Whether or not your engine bay is home to a variety of nifty upgrades, a Perrin belt cover offers a classy yet understated custom expression.

The issue lies with the OEM shroud. It is flimsy and not very durable. If you are active under the hood it could be a matter of time before you damage the part. This serpentine belt protector is specifically designed to stand up to encounters with tools and coolant spills. It can also handle the high temps that are common in the engine compartment. Once you lock your serpentine belt protector in place, you will no longer have to worry about frayed plastic or movement. It will stay put through all driving conditions. That is because serpentine belt protectors are intended for drivers who are busy both under the hood and on the road.

Fashion is a part of the equation, as well. The factory piece is flimsy plastic that blends in with the atmosphere. Perrin makes their serpentine belt protectors to stand out. For some motorists, it is very important. Showing off a hooked up Subaru is a passion for many people and a Perrin aluminum belt guard can play a notable role. At car shows, every model is displayed with their hoods up. Unlike a bland piece of plastic, a Subaru custom belt cover makes a bigger impression. You can even select a finish. Subaru custom belt covers are available in black and red with the Perrin logo printed on.

Toughness is critical for this area in your car. That is why Subaru custom belt covers are comprised of 5052 aluminum. This kind of aluminum is resistant to high temps and is lightweight yet strong. Installation is simple. Remove the OEM Subaru belt cover and bolt this one in its place. You can reuse the support clips if so desired.

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