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Perrin Performance

There are two main types of Perrin boost controllers available: Manual and electronic. The goal for both is the same, which is to manipulate the wastegate actuator in effort to raise the responsiveness of turbocharged engines. This is a very common modification for participants in off-road and sanctioned racing competitions. Having more say in the dynamics of when boost opens up can be a big advantage, more specifically in conjunction with other EVO or Impreza turbo accessories. The Perrin boost controller lets you pre-set your boost levels to where you are most comfortable. Note: A tune will be necessary following installation.

The Perrin manual boost controller is a straightforward device. It is designed to offer a compact size with only a few main pieces. Its body can be adjusted to be longer or shorter. This is so the Perrin manual boost control can change the pressure on the spring. How this works is simple. There is a ball and spring inside of the Perrin manual boost control that is responsible for determining the pressure that meets the wastegate. The ball is balanced and light, making its response extremely quick. It is also the lynchpin in how you set your Perrin manual boost control to the proper level.

On the other side of the spectrum is the electronic system. This is what ECU boost control is. The difference between ECU and manual is the use of a solenoid that is mated with an electronic signal. Perrin’s ECU boost control, called the EBCS Pro, is engineered to tackle up to 120 PSI, so it is a popular addition to racing models. Another advantage is its compatibility. You can use these ECU boost controls with most aftermarket units that keep the stock solenoid. The response time to the wastegate actuator is faster and there is added protection against boost depletion.

You can use either of these parts to compliment a WRX/STI or EVO turbo exhaust setup. As mentioned above, a proper tune is required due to the change in levels. Neglecting to do so will lead to lag as well as potential turbo failure. Perrin boost controllers come with everything you need for installation. The EBCS Pro kit includes the harness, solenoid, hardware, and vacuum hose.

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