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Perrin Performance

Protection is the name of the game with a Perrin differential cover. There are many different hazards that encounter the undercarriage and for many cars it can be an important issue. A Perrin differential cover is an added layer of security for your STI. There is no longer a concern that rocks, debris, or foreign substances are going to skip up and make dents. This can be a critical upgrade for daily drivers who may come in contact with rough road surfaces. But Perrin differential covers are not made simply for their external defense. They are especially crucial when it comes to keeping temperatures down.

Oil can rise to high temperatures before you even notice it. It is a common occurrence most often for competitive racecar drivers. Installing an STI differential cover helps when your car is tasked with taking lap after lap on the track. The shape and design of the part shows how it works. These STI differential covers outline the exact shape of the factory device, sealing it from being overrun by scorching air. The goal is to try and keep oil temps cool. The main feature is its cooling method. Perrin incorporates fins on their STI differential covers to balance oil temps, preserving the area as well as its performance.

High quality material is used in the making of this product. STI differential covers are comprised of specially treated aluminum. The application of aluminum as opposed to another material such as steel is due to two factors. First, aluminum means the rear differential cover is not heavy, so it will not be a clunky, cumbersome addition. In the event you have to remove it you will not have to worry about it being rusted in place. Also, an aluminum rear differential cover is good at dissipating heat, which is the main objective. Your oil capacity is boosted by approximately 30% more than the OEM, as well.

Along with higher efficiency, rear differential covers bring about a custom look. The fins as well as the finish are very noticeable in comparison to nearby components. That is why many drivers will install one either during a gasket replacement or along with their other STI drivetrain accessories. Differential guards can be painted with high-temperature paint for a more personalized effect.

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