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Throwing in a Perrin exhaust blanket makes balancing turbo temps easy. There has to be a reasonable quantity of heat in your exhaust. A certain amount of it helps airflow maintain distribution speed. However, too much of it causes components to radiate. A Perrin exhaust blanket keeps heat where it should be: Tucked in with your turbo arsenal. There is no need to painstakingly wrap each pipe or spring for expensive coats of ceramic paint. Installing a Perrin exhaust blanket takes care of the heat retention you need with one, simple part. It is also an economical way to give your Subaru Impreza exhaust proper protection.

Innovative manufacturing highlights how the thermal exhaust blanket works. It is not made of a thinly-layered material. Instead, all thermal exhaust blankets are comprised of silicate wool. This material is most often employed as insulation for applications which see extreme temperatures. The silicate wool woven into the thermal exhaust blanket allows it to come into contact with scorching exhaust gas without betraying any signs of wear. Most importantly, it helps lock heat inside the exhaust environment where it belongs without radiating and harming nearby engine parts. If you are constantly pacing your car around the track, a thermal exhaust blanket will also help sustain performance.

Since you are not called upon to make any changes to your setup, installation is quick. Perrin turbo heat blankets are installed using an included stainless steel wire that is laced around the covering. There is no bolting or screwing. Depending on where your turbo is located it is a matter of wrapping the Perrin turbo heat blanket around the part. After that, you will use the wire and loop it around each pin, or rivet. Intermittently, it is necessary to adjust the tightness of the Perrin turbo heat blanket to ensure it is snug. It is recommended that you perform the installation when the car has been considerably cooled down.

The exhaust heat shield is designed to cover all OEM Subaru turbo pipes as well as any aftermarket replacements. In the event that you may need to remove it, take care in undoing the wire route. The wire is not in danger of being damaged but you may want to get kinks out before reinstalling your Subaru turbo exhaust shield.

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