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Perrin Performance

Protecting exhaust components with a Perrin heat guard helps Subaru drivers maintain even temps in the engine bay. Constantly pushing the pedal creates radiant heat from your turbo. This affects the intercooler, downpipe, and surrounding areas. When the temperature stays consistently hot it can lead to wear or worse, physical damage. A Perrin heat guard can be the frontline of security. Easily installed and adjustable, it fits right over the unit for long-lasting protection. It is often the missing piece in a complete Subaru turbo WRX/STI exhaust. Keeping your engine compartment safe is no problem with a Perrin heat guard.

It is not just about preservation. A Perrin turbo heat shield is also about performance. Radiant heat can play a role in how other parts function. As you experience boost and turbo spooling, temperatures naturally rise. What a Perrin turbo heat shield does is reduce or eliminate collateral damage. The hotter exhaust flow gets, the less density it holds. It needs to be properly contained in the aftermarket downpipe and/or intercooler. Perrin turbo heat shields keep the heat locked where it belongs, allowing exhaust flow to sustain adequate density and velocity.

The result is cooler temps that enable your automotive exhaust system to operate at an optimal level. Most importantly, a Perrin turbo heat shield encourages a balance that helps the turbocharger stay healthy for the long run. It does not add on horsepower and torque the way a wider pipe does. Instead, it fosters a more amenable environment for your parts to create said horsepower.

How it works is coverage. The turbocharger cover, made of 304 stainless steel, comes up over the turbo and down at the sides. In essence, it is not just one exhaust piece it is responsible for. The down pipe and wastegate are also shielded from the radiance. Turbocharger covers are a single unit that improves several areas at once.

Most of today’s top drivers go out of their way to bolster their exhaust setups. Subaru competitors in particular benefit from turbocharger covers given the amount of upgrades they choose. It is an easy installation that does not take long. As a one-piece part, you simply remove the OEM Subaru turbo heat protector and put this in its place. After that, you can adjust it for extra snugness and fit.

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