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Perrin Performance

Improved tone, style and performance make Perrin Impreza axlebacks a popular addition for many drivers. One of the first customizations to any sporty compact is the exhaust. It is a place car owners like to upgrade before other areas because of the amount of restriction residing there. Installing a Perrin Impreza axleback gets things moving in the right direction. With the benefit of a performance muffler and wide pipes, exhaust flow is freed up and able to move more easily. When this happens, your car has more power potential, especially when paired with other parts. Plus, a Perrin axleback delivers a smooth, custom tone that gets attention.

Location and simplicity are how this upgrade operates. An axle back exhaust system is installed at the rear axles at the back of the vehicle. The difference between this and a catback is mainly only one pipe (in most setups). Drivers will install an aftermarket Subaru axle-back exhaust because they want a sportier muffler before anything else. They can add on other parts as they go.

There is not an immediate increase in HP with an axle back exhaust system. What it does is most is make your car better suited for other Perrin Impreza parts. If you mate a downpipe and/or midpipe to a stock setup you will not be getting the maximum benefit.

The most common reason drivers choose axle back exhaust systems is due to the sound. Perrin’s mufflers feature a special inlet pipe that directs airflow through the center before it is escorted out. Thanks to this design, the sound that comes from the Perrin axleback is voluminous and rich, but not overwhelming. It will not have a screeching noise but instead, a dense, aggressive tone.

Each Perrin axleback is made of T-304 stainless steel, including the muffler. The pipes are mandrel-bent with TIG welded flanges for a proper fit and seal. Steel is used for Perrin axlebacks because of its overall strength as well as its ability to withstand heat.

The slash cut tips complete the look. Perrin axlebacks showcase tips that are cut at an angle to demonstrate a more aggressive appearance. The entire custom car exhaust has a brushed stainless finish.

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