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Perrin Performance

Controlling boost levels with a Perrin MAP sensor is for elite motorists who know exactly what their car is capable of. The everyday driver who takes their car to and from work does not need this upgrade. However, if you run your STI on private roads or tracks, a Perrin MAP sensor can be the missing piece to your car’s total package. Aside from being able to manipulate the factory PSI settings, this upgrade also offers compatibility. You can use your Perrin MAP sensor with Accessport, AEM, and ECU Flash software.

The automaker sets the max for PSI at 24. There are ways around that without opting out of the pressure gauge, but they are neither safe nor effective long-term. An Omni 4 bar sensor allows you to increase your car’s boost capability higher than the stock setting without running the risk of detonation and other issues. The changes in pressure are calculated on the sensor. What makes the Omni 4 bar sensor 99% accurate is that it accounts for temperature changes ranging between 32 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, since the device scales voltage with linear pressure, you are not called on to adjust for altitude changes. Omni 4 bar sensors are vehicle-specific and do not exceed 43 PSI.

Once in place, the precision of the unit along with your turbo setup can make for a more enjoyable yet dynamic experience. Omni 4 bar sensors encourage a more balanced type of boost. Provided you set it in conjunction with your car’s current attributes, an Impreza bar MAP sensor will increase boost but not by putting stress in other areas. The engine will run more evenly when compared to other electronic boosting mods.

Each Impreza bar MAP sensor is built for extremes. Its case is designed to be virtually impenetrable for both temperature and physicality. The boost sensor remains operational between - 40 and 260 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also handle up to 130 PSI without succumbing to leaks or damage.

As for installation, all it requires is a Phillips head screwdriver. By following the simple directions (included) your new Subaru boost pressure sensor requires just a few minutes to be properly installed

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