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Looks and function make Perrin oil caps an improvement over the factory lid. When your car came off of the line, there were some areas that were important to the manufacturer and some that were not. This part was not. Perrin oil caps take the place of dull OEM lids, showing off more style and durability. If you have made other modifications to the engine bay such as added an intake or aluminum shroud, you can use this piece as part of your custom puzzle. Plus, they are high quality. Perrin oil caps are comprised of 100% billet aluminum and CNC-machined for both shape and fitment.

It is a customization that many Subaru devotees make. One of the most common reasons WRX oil caps are purchased is for display. Whether at large national auto shows or simply letting friends look in on your Impreza engine accessories, a little piece of décor can go a long way. WRX oil caps add a touch of expression to an area that is usually left bland. A big reason why is the finish. You can select WRX oil caps in anodized black or silver with the Perrin logo digitally etched in. But it is not just all about looks. The finish also protects the WRX oil caps from wear due to corrosion.

Perhaps most important is the strength of the material. Unlike the factory covers, which are hard plastic, these aftermarket Subaru oil caps are made from 6061 billet aluminum. What makes this particular aluminum an advantage is that it is not only tougher than plastic, but it is also much less vulnerable to heat and moisture. The aftermarket Subaru oil cap is not vulnerable to the high temps of the engine compartment. And since it is given an anodized finish, substances such as oil or coolant can be wiped away quickly. Whereas the OEM lid is made for utility, an aftermarket Subaru oil cap is made for endurance.

There are two shapes to choose from. Perrin oil fill caps are either round (traditional) or in a 6-point silhouette. The 6-point version is preferred by some for its easy gripping handle. The base is threaded to screw into your oil tank as if it was designed by the factory. All Subaru WRX oil covers come with a 5 year warranty.

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