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Perrin Performance

Increase efficiency and looks with a Perrin overflow tank made just for your ride. It does not matter if you are interested in showing off your engine compartment to other Subaru owners or simply want to upgrade over the factory reservoir, this upgrade offers numerous benefits. The OEM Subaru coolant system is not meant for high performance fanatics. It is dull, plastic, and offers minimal capacity while taking up unnecessary room. A Perrin overflow tank is just the opposite. Made of high quality material and universal in design, your car can hold more coolant without hogging space. Perrin overflow tanks are available for the WRX, STI, XT, BRZ and Scion FR-S.

One of this part’s biggest traits is its compact shape. While the coolant overflow tank has a higher capacity, it is not cumbersome. If you have engine exhaust parts and/or aftermarket intercooler piping, this will not get in the way. The coolant overflow tank offers improved clearance so that your intake and tube(s) can function at an optimal level. It is also comprised of a tough substance. The OEM collector is made of a plastic polymer. Perrin’s coolant overflow tank is constructed of aluminum for added strength and protection against heat and moisture.

Installation is meant to be easy. All coolant overflow tanks come with 3 feet of silicone hosing, brackets, washers, and zip ties. So long as there is no interference it can be installed in most locations in your engine bay. The Perrin coolant tank keeps the original cap, so there is no need for further replacement. Prior to installation it is suggested to investigate potential locations first. Find a spot where the coolant reservoir can be mounted without disrupting any factory hosing or materials. Once you are satisfied and ready to begin, use the included instructions. Coolant reservoirs take about an hour to install in most vehicles.

The attractive attribute of this part has to do with the color. Before leaving the factory coolant reservoirs are given a black powdercoat finish. The finish is textured to present a nice surface and also to match any other Perrin engine products you may have installed.

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