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Perrin Performance

Opting for a Perrin panel filter provides multiple benefits for both your wallet and your car. If you own a performance model, chances are your vehicle is more susceptible to breathing in harmful elements. That is because ambient heat comes in through the grill and floats around the engine bay, carrying a lot of things with it. A Perrin panel filter delivers a forceful yet systematic way for you to keep engine air clean. A higher concentration of dirt, dust, and moisture will be eliminated from potentially causing an issue, allowing your engine to maintain performance without fear of getting clogged. Perrin panel filters are an important upgrade for serious Subaru owners who like to punch the throttle.

Cleaner air is accessible with Perrin. Their Impreza panel filters are a much higher quality than traditional paper filters. A big part of that is due to how they are designed to work. Comprised of special polyurethane foam, Impreza panel filters are “drop in” just like the OEM intended. However, after they accrue dirt and dust you do not throw them away. Instead, Impreza panel filters are completely reusable. That is because they need a special cleaner and oil in order to work.

Impreza panel filters come pre-oiled (both oil and cleaner are purchased separately). The oil works as an adherent in which dust and dirt stick to. When you pull out Perrin air filter out to clean it, you will be using the cleaner to rinse it off. After that, you simply apply more oil to it and you are finished. You will not need to purchase another Perrin air filter, either. Since you are always maintaining it, you do not have to throw it away. Kept in good condition, a Perrin air filter will outlive your current vehicle.

Although most widely used for Subarus, there are options available for other makes and models. Mini Coopers and Scion FR-S drivers can also get their hands on a foam car air filter. Perrin engineered their design for turbocharged sport compacts with a busy profile. Perrin foam air filters are sold according to model year. To see what is available for your car click on the “Shop Now” icon.

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