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Perrin P.S.R.S.

Perrin Performance

Sharper, more intuitive handling is what the Perrin P.S.R.S. offers. Used by WRX, STI, and GT-R drivers for years, this is a common upgrade for those seeking more rigidity when hitting tight corners. PSRS stands for “positive steering response system” and the objective of the kit is to provide a stiffer answer to the OEM bushings of the front control arm. The main reason being is that the factory parts are soft and wear down over time. This creates lift. Installing a Perrin P.S.R.S. eliminates the veering off your car projects when coming off turns, resulting in more stability.

Under stock conditions your vehicle may stray when braking. The first thing a Perrin P.S.R.S. improves is toe changes, or the direction/angle the tires point. Toe can alter on uneven surfaces, leading to slipping and slight wandering. The positive steering response system shores this up by enacting a much stiffer stopping point. Your vehicle will no longer lean or follow road grooves. A positive steering response system also improves traction by getting rid of the “hop” or lift that can occur. More weight is distributed to the rear, so the front tires find more grip. Braking stops exhibiting a hitch coming off of accelerating. This is why to many enthusiasts a positive steering response system is also referred to as an anti-lift kit.

Two distinctive materials highlight this upgrade. Perrin PSRS bushings come in either polyurethane or with spherical bearings (for the STI). The characteristics for both are different and specific to vehicle application. Polyurethane steering bushings are more adaptable, plus they cut down on a lot of the noise that the bearings can make. For drivers who go off-road with an STI steering system, NVH is not a huge issue. These cars use spherical bearings. However, polyurethane is used for two other popular models, the Nissan GT-R and Subaru Impreza WRX.

The housing, or body, of Perrin PSRS bushings is aluminum. Perrin purposely uses aluminum to cater to drivers who may reside in areas where there are harsh winters to combat salted roads and corrosion. Also, aluminum is lighter than steel and easier to remove down the line, if necessary.

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