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Perrin Performance

Locking in a Perrin radiator shroud is a fast way to give your Impreza added style and function. When you pop the hood of your car, you will notice some unnecessary space. A Perrin radiator shroud is designed to cover up the gaps the hub of your cooling system provides with a signature look. The engine compartment is often a place of interest for onlookers. Even if you do not show off your model at car shows, you still want to display your Impreza engine bay with pride. A Perrin radiator shroud offers a custom finish other performance enthusiasts will take notice of. The best part is that is not all they offer.

Another impact car radiator shrouds make is improved airflow. There are holes, or gaps, that can be seen from the top of your radiator. Air escapes from here at a high rate, robbing the core of max cooling potential. Installing your car radiator shroud immediately changes that. Air is no longer being hemorrhaged, resulting in better driving and a healthier engine compartment. Competitive Subaru models typically sport a car radiator shroud for this very reason. Since a higher amount of airflow is released through the core, the radiator can function better in extreme conditions. Many pro series drivers have a car radiator shroud installed along with a performance fan.

Perrin designed this part to ensure endurance for an intense environment. Their line of Impreza radiator shrouds is comprised of auto-grade aluminum. Due to the level of heat and moisture in the vicinity, protection against the elements is crucial. The type of aluminum used in these Impreza radiator shrouds is heavily resistant to corrosion. For those who reside in cold climates, you will not have to worry about damage due to rock salt, either. In the event your Impreza radiator shroud has some oil, coolant, or another engine substance on it simply wipe it away with no problem.

Fitment is guaranteed to be precise. Each replacement Impreza shroud is digitally measured for clearance according to your vehicle. They are also light and will not weigh down your radiator. Perrin shrouds come in at only 2 lbs. Available finishes include red and black.

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