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Perrin Performance

Installing a set of Perrin spoiler stiffis adds a sharper appearance and greater driving stability. Most drivers who go after this modification do so in order to bring up the rally car profile of their ride. That is because Perrin spoiler stiffis increase the space between the wing and the hatch, creating a dynamic look. There is also an improvement in airflow over the back of the car. With greater room between the wing and the hatch window air is able to stream underneath instead of being swirled in place. Perrin spoiler stiffis assist in maintaining a modicum of downforce that helps out on the racetrack.

You can adjust according to your preference. Perrin wing risers are adjustable in both height and angle. The wider the space, the more aggressive the look. For car owners interested in a more customized appearance, Perrin wing risers can be lifted to 1.7” high. They can also be set at up to 4 degrees. The extra room is what allows airflow to no longer be caught under the spoiler. The Perrin wing risers take away the cramped nature that appears with the OEM setup. More than anything, this will help keep the rear window clean. Perrin wing risers may add some steadiness but most importantly, they keep dust in the air from accumulating on the glass.

The number of stiffis affects the height of the rear spoiler lift. Installing one will help with stability of the wing. Using more than one means even more space for a more attractive Impreza exterior

Durability is key, as well. Everything in the wing riser kit is made of tough material. The standoffs are comprised of billet aluminum and anodized black to present a corrosive-resistant surface. The trunk limiters are the cables you will use to keep the hatch from hitting the spoiler. These are stainless steel and given a vinyl coating. All hardware in the wing riser kit is also stainless steel.

If you choose, you can paint to match. You can give wing riser kit components the same color as your car to match the factory paint. The “stiffis” are molded plastic and will accept a coating or two easily.

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