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Perrin Performance

Improving your suspension with Perrin stout bushings involves a greater degree of firmness. One of the issues with Subaru turbo models is that the factory mounts are pliable. They have a slight amount of bend in them that becomes pronounced after installing an aftermarket sway bar. The thicker the bar, the more bendability that is displayed. Perrin stout bushings present a much stronger hold for racing applications. All of the “wiggle room” is gone. Instead, you are left with a tight, uncompromising bracketing effect that makes cornering and turns a lot easier. Perrin stout bushings fit most Impreza and WRX/STI model years.

The main difference is in the material. OEM bushings are a hard rubber that is flexible. Sway bar stout mounts are made of extruded aluminum. A brace will betray bend during hard cornering, as the pressure from the links comes down. With sway bar stout mounts, the brace absorbs the force from the torsion and does not flex. This feature is important mostly for racers. Due to the sequence of sudden twists and turns a road course may provide, sway bar stout mounts are crucial in keeping the car centered. Handling is more responsive due to the stiffer suspension. That is why many competitive Imprezas are outfitted with sway bar stout mounts.

How you use them determines their viability. WRX/STI bushing mounts will work with the factory bar but they are better served with replacement braces. The main reason has to do with size. Many times, a racing enthusiast will lock on a thick 25mm bar. The OEM parts were not designed for this thickness, so flexibility will be high. WRX/STI bushing mounts from Perrin are engineered specifically to accommodate the more robust structure. It is a noticeable improvement, especially at high speeds. While WRX/STI bushing mounts perform during residential driving, they are geared more towards sanctioned racing situations.

Another feature is durability. Due to their extruded aluminum composition, Perrin stout mounts are much more reliable than rubberized brackets. They are also anodized in black to prevent moisture buildup and corrosion. Best of all, these sway bar bushings come backed by a 5 year warranty.

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