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Perrin Performance

Proper ventilation is what a Perrin Subaru AOS brings to your car. This is an addition that brings both performance and maintenance together, allowing your turbo package to operate at a higher level. What a Perrin Subaru AOS does is protect against the buildup of “blow-by”, or excess oil. When there is accumulation, your vehicle begins to suffer consequences in emissions, the car intake system, and overall engine function. A Perrin Subaru AOS also works towards keeping the intake nice and clean. You do not have to be a racecar driver to appreciate what it can do. Subaru air/oil separators work just as well in everyday WRX setups as they do in modded STIs.

Water vapor is the enemy. If it mixes into the crankcase trouble may soon follow. A Perrin air oil separator blocks and redistributes vapors before they corrupt the crankcase and heads. The reason for this has to do with octane. Oil is low in octane but it is balanced. If it lowers too much it can cause engine knock or detonation. That is one of the main purposes behind a Perrin air oil separator. With oil being more efficiently used there are less vapors. Perrin air oil separators also halt octane levels from lowering to the point of danger. These key advantages make them suitable for both performance drivers and everyday commuters.

One of the biggest reasons why Perrin air oil separators are used has to do with the intercooler. This is where they are aligned with the performance crowd. Oil blow-by gradually begins to build in the confines of an intercooler. As it does, the intercooler is less able to dissipate heat, leading to heat soak in exhaust components. A Subaru air/oil separator stops the buildup from occurring, helping you retain power.

be used on both top and front mount intercoolers. Be sure to account for your intercooler and engine type when placing your order.

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